6 September 2019

ERS 2019

Aquilo will be present at the ERS 2019 later this month in Madrid. We would be happy to meet if you’re interested to learn more about our services. See you in Madrid!

25 July 2019

Grant on organoid model development

Via the European Fund for Regional Developments (Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling – EFRO), the European Union enables us to further develop the organoid model for efficacy studies on novel drugs for lung fibrosis and COPD. We believe there is a need for better predictive models, including human models, that allow to evaluate the potential for lung repair/regeneration. We will develop novel models using disease stimuli relevant for fibrosis and COPD, including TGF-β, cigarette smoke extract and diesel exhaust particles. Furthermore, we will evaluate the effect of registered and novel drugs on these models. Studies will be performed using mouse and human cells. With this, we hope to generate well-validated pre-clinical models to contribute to drug development for lung fibrosis and COPD. 

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