Aquilo is a small and flexible contract research organization (CRO), founded as a spin-off company from the University of Groningen in 2015. We are focused on the respiratory system and specialized in asthma, COPD and lung fibrosis pharmacology. We assist with pre-clinical efficacy testing of novel compounds for these lung diseases, and have several well-validated pre-clinical models in our portfolio. We use in vivo animal models, ex vivo lung slice and organoid models, and in vitro models with cells of human origin, including diseased cells. This means we can offer a full package of pre-clinical studies. Our team has a solid scientific background. We often assist clients with study design and are open to implementing tailor made models. Mechanism of action or target validation studies are also possible. Analyses include lung function assessment, RT-qPCR, histology, analysis of organoid proliferation and differentiation and omics analyzes. Furthermore, we have experience with functioning as a core lab for multi-center clinical trials.

We are a value driven company and always strive to deliver the best service and data package to help our clients.

Please have a further look at our website or contact us to see how our expertise can help you with the development of your therapy.

Did you know that Aquilo refers to the Roman god of the northern wind? This name was selected by the founders as Aquilo is based in the northern part of the Netherlands with the aim to contribute to therapies directed at airflow improvement in lung diseases.

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