As a CRO we have several well-validated preclinical models in our portfolio to study the efficacy of your compound against characteristics of COPD. With this we can offer a full package of preclinical studies. Furthermore, we can assist with study design and are open to implementing tailor made models. We offer 2D in vitro and ex vivo models including cell culture of epithelial cells, endothelial cells, airway smooth muscle cells, fibroblasts and mast cells of human origin. To recapitulate the complex micro-environment with the diseased airway and lung we offer organoid and lung slice models. The organoids are particularly interesting for studies into the regenerative potential of investigational compounds whereas lung slices are interesting for studies into the airway narrowing and emphysema. Both can be prepared from animal and human tissue.
For COPD, we have guinea pig models of acute and chronic LPS and poly (I:C) exposure. Furthermore we have mouse models of cigarette smoke and both guinea pig and mouse models for elastase exposure. We can model different disease features of COPD, including inflammation and emphysema.
Contact us to see how we can implement your compound in one of our COPD models.

In vivo COPD Models