A a CRO we have several well-validated pre-clinical models in our portfolio to study the efficacy of your compound against  asthma. For asthma, we have acute and chronic models, in both mice and guinea pigs. We can model different disease features of asthma, including airway hyperreactivity, inflammation and structural changes in the lung, referred to as remodelling.
The guinea pig offers a number of unique characteristics that make the model highly suitable as an asthma model and superior to rodent models such as the mouse and rat. The guinea pig has both early and late asthmatic responses.
Furthermore, we offer 2D in vitro and ex vivo models including human smooth muscle cells, fibroblasts, mast cells and epithelial cells; inflammation, remodeling (TGF-B), mucus secretion/goblet cell metaplasia (IL-13), barrier function.
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In vivo asthma models